1-Year Warranty

If you have purchased a newly built home within the last 12 months, chances are that you know that your builder probably offered you a 1-Year Builder’s Warranty. If that’s the case, getting a home inspector involved could be the smartest thing you do all year!

Why Should My Brand New Home Get Inspected, You Ask?

Great question! Here is an example of a client of ours in Auburn who had a 1-year warranty and were so glad they did:

The home was beautiful and in great condition, but in the crawlspace, we discovered a small leak in a plumbing waste pipe coming down from the second flood inside an exterior wall. We found mold and wood rot, damaged insulation and even deteriorated siding, all from this little leak that had been active for the 10 month they had lived in the house. They had no idea! The small fee this client paid for a home inspection literally save them thousands of dollar because they were smart enough to make that investment.

Had this client foregone the inspection, they may not have ever discovered the leak, and when it came time to sell, their buyer’s home inspector would have seen the issue and our client would have had to foot the bill for the costly repairs!

We recommend having the home inspected between 9 and 11 months after closing on the home, giving you plenty of time to negotiate what repairs to have the builder perform.

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