The Beauty of Barn Doors

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The Article Courtesy of Mountains to Sound Home Inspection A new way of jazzing up your homes is by adding Barn doors. Not only do they make your home cozier but it surely makes a statement. Barn doors moved out of the farmyard and into the house a long time ago. Recently, however, they have become an even more popular and useful feature in residential design. It's not hard to see why. "Many homeowners hear the term 'barn door' and think of reclaimed, rustic wood, which may not be a Continue Reading ...

2018 Remodeling Trends That Boost Your Home’s Value

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Brought to you by Mountains to Sound Home Inspection Revamp your home this new year with these remodeling trends that not only will help boost your home's value but will sure make home more relaxing. A strong housing market is giving homeowners the confidence to invest in remodeling. In fact, homeowner spending on improvements and repairs will approach $340 billion in 2018, an increase of 7.5 percent from estimated 2017 spending, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Continue Reading ...

Cut Expenses Without Cutting Corners on your Bathroom Remodel

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Helpful information from Mountains to Sound Home Inspection Remodeling part of your house is expensive. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom anytime soon, here are ways to cut expenses without cutting corners. When homeowners get the urge to remodel and renovate their homes, two rooms immediately top the list: the kitchen and the bathroom. In the last decade, we've seen something of a renaissance in home bathroom design. From an innovative use of materials to radically Continue Reading ...

Do the Math: Home Buying Now May Save a Lot

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Brought to you by Mountains to Sound Home Inspection Buying a home involves a lot of complicated steps and can cost you a fortune.  Timing is crucial. How can buying now save you money later? It is a common misconception that a 20 percent down payment is required to buy a home. Advice to wait and save a large down payment is often based on the theory that the cost of mortgage insurance (MI), which is required when you buy with a smaller down payment, should be avoided. This may not be Continue Reading ...

5 DIY Projects That Will Reinvent Your Bathroom in a Weekend

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Helpful information from Mountains to Sound Home Inspection Does your bathroom need a perk-up? Here are some easy and inexpensive DIY ideas for reinventing your bathroom in a jiffy. Ready to tackle your next home remodeling project and showcase your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) skills? Or maybe you're an aspiring DIYer, hoping to channel your creative spirit and try your hand at the next home improvement project? Now is the time to get started. According to experts from the National Continue Reading ...

Unique Home Improvements Perfect For DIY

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From your friends at Mountains to Sound Home Inspection. Everyone has a dream house, these brilliant ideas will show you how easy it is to upgrade your house into your dream home. Here's a quick question for you: What's your favorite DIY project you've ever completed? Chances are the answer pops right into your mind, and even if you've completed hundreds of DIY projects over the years, you probably have some that truly stand out. Those that weren't at the top of your list may fall Continue Reading ...

Keep Your Home Pest Free This Year

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Brought to you by Mountains to Sound Home Inspections! Having a pest free home is every homeowner's dream.  Learn the  essential steps to keep your home pest free this year. Now is a great time to establish year-long goals and resolutions, including home improvement goals you'd like to tackle this year. The first step is to create a pest control plan for your home. It's important to establish good habits early in the year to help prevent potential pest problems. Unchecked, pests can Continue Reading ...

Equipment Warranties 101: What You Should Know

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The Article Courtesy of Mountains to Sound Home Inspection! With each new product we buy a warranty is issued for every product but what does the warranty cover? From smartphones to mattresses, almost everything you buy comes with some kind of warranty. How can you ensure you get the most benefit from a warranty, especially for a major investment that's also critical to the comfort of your home, like a new furnace? "Warranties are meant to assure a homeowner that the furnace they're Continue Reading ...

5 Strategies For Protecting Your Valuables

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Helpful information from Mountain to Sound Home Inspection! Once your home has been burglarized you will stop until you find the best way to secure your home and valuables. Here are some strategies for protecting them. Home is your sanctuary, your castle, the place where you feel the most secure and protected. It is natural to feel this way. So, it is not surprising that you store your prized possessions and valuables at home as well. But is that the best choice for all your Continue Reading ...

Senior Guest? How To Prepare Your Home For Older Visitors

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Courtesy of Mountains to Sound Home Inspection! Expecting elderly guests at home? Make sure your home is senior citizen ready! Here are some ways to prepare your home for older visitors. Whether it's for a special occasion or just because, hosting an older adult in your home can be a wonderful experience with lots of memory-making potential. However, for a safe and successful visit, you may want to make a few adjustments to your home before they arrive to make it more Continue Reading ...