The last several years, we have been in a buyer’s market, meaning that the supply of homes for sale has been up, while the number of buyers has been down. This gives the advantage to the buyer, giving them a smorgasborg of options to choose from and leaving you to compete with all the other homes on the market for the attention of fewer homebuyers.

How Do You Get A Sharp Edge Over The Competition?

The answer is simple, get a home inspection! Here’s why, and the answer is three fold.

Mountains to Sound Home Inspection check markPoint Out Big Concerns. The home inspector will point out any major concerns that need to be addressed before the house goes on the market. Issues like needing a new roof could turn into a selling point once replaced. Many home buyers might be scared away from buying your house if they see in their inspection report, “Needs a new roof” and will look elsewhere.

Mountains to Sound Home Inspection check markPoint Out Small Concerns. Not only will the inspector point out the big stuff, they also point out the little stuff. These are easy and inexpensive thing like caulking along the kitchen counter or trimming bushes back from the house. Your potential buyer will see a clean bill of health in their inspection report and will feel confident that the home has been well maintained and requires little work.

Mountains to Sound Home Inspection check markSave You Money! One of the main reasons home buyers get a home inspection prior to their purchase in the first place is to use the report as a negotiating tool. We frequently overhear conversations between buyers and their agents about how much they can negotiation down the price based on some of the things found during the inspection. By having your own inspection and taking care of these issues ahead of time, you can potentially save a lot of headache and put dollars back in your pocket!