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infrared home inspection seattle waEverybody would like to buy a beautiful and safe home. It is the reason why there is a lot of emphasis on a home inspection before the purchase of a home. What your eyes can see including those beautifully painted walls, perfectly designed rooms and exquisite architectural style are all the external perfections that will convince you to purchase. However, there is more than meets the eye. You should look beyond the exterior beauty to see if the house is in top condition or not. That is the reason why infrared home inspections have become very popular.

Seattle Infrared Home Inspections is a  beneficial service that would-be buyers will have to consider for them to know the actual condition of the property they are interested in buying. It is thermal imaging that uses infrared as an advanced nondestructive method that will help the home inspector locate issues that one cannot see when using conventional visual inspection methods. You will realize that it is a notch higher in quality and capacity.

Infrared imaging provides valuable information relating to otherwise inaccessible areas of a residential or commercial property. Infrared detects tiny but crucial differences in temperature from one area of a house to another. These temperature variations show up on the camera’s view screen as “cold” or “hot” spots, which reveal hidden problems that are often not detected in the course of a traditional visual inspection.

These problems may include faulty wiring, breakers, and fuses, hidden moisture intrusion, the moisture sources of mold. Pipe and ductwork leaks, roof and ceiling leaks, foundation cracks, heat/energy loss, structural concerns, missing insulation, ventilation problems can be check as well. Moisture associated with termite nests (can also be check with termite inspection), rats, mice and other pests won’t escape on infrared inspection

Though the equipment for infrared home inspections is quite expensive compared to the usual home inspections, this method is more accurate and provides a detailed condition of your home.  It reveals all the hidden issues of the subject property.

“We had a great experience with Mountains to Sound Home Inspection. Lorrie was fantastic in fitting me in their schedule with short notice. Allen was great in inspecting the place. The report was thorough and easy to understand, and best of all, it was completed on the same day of the inspection. I could not be happier with the services I received.” – Review of Mountains To Sound Home Inspection By Jenny N

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Our company is known to offer quality services to all our clients. We are also known to provide reliable services to our customers. We regularly receive referrals from people that we have served in the past. It has made us more reputable when it comes to infrared home inspection services.


We have been in this field for several years. We have served many customers in the past. It made us gain a lot of experience and knowledge in this area. It has also made our Seattle home inspectors more competent when it comes to offering these services.

Our  Seattle home inspectors are well-trained on how to inspect homes using the infrared home inspections method. They have the necessary knowledge, skill, and competencies needed in this field.

Although infrared thermal imaging for infrared home inspections is a far better diagnostic tool than the naked eye, it does not guarantee 100% accuracy, unless removal or destruction of components can be achieved to validate findings. When possible, other tools are used to verify thermal images, but even with these considerations, we do not claim to have x-ray vision. Conditions may change and cause the apparent temperatures revealed on thermal images to be different at any given time. Buy With Your Eyes Open With A Complete Seattle Home Inspection & Seattle Infrared Home Inspections from Mountains to Sound Home Inspection!

Mountains to Sound Home Inspection offers reliable services. If you want to buy a new home, conduct an infrared home inspection first and then buy it later. It will help you discover some of the hidden problems that might be present in that home. In this case, you should choose our company for your Seattle Infrared Home Inspections.

Getting a Seattle home inspection service that uses the most advanced infrared technology on their home inspections, we can assure you that you’re getting superior quality service. We can ensure every client that they can only get the best value for money.

Mountains to Sound Home Inspection will give you quality infrared home inspection! 


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Seattle, WA, is among the fastest-growing cities in the United States, and the city has seen a population boom in the past decade, with new residents moving in from all over the country. And it’s not just people but businesses thriving in Seattle, too. The city is now home to some of the biggest names in tech, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. In turn, this has led to a boom in the real estate industry. And if you’re thinking of moving to Seattle, Mountains To Sound Home Inspection will be your home buying and selling advocate.

Home inspections are a vital part of the home buying and selling process in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas. Our team of pros at Mountains To Sound Home Inspection can give you an objective, unbiased assessment of your home’s condition. This can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a particular property.

Mountain To Sound Home Inspection offers a wide range of services, including 1-Year Warranty Inspection, Infrared Home Inspection, and Pre-listing Home Inspection. We also offer different packages, so you can choose the one that is right for you.

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