seattle mold inspection -mountains to sound home inspectionSeattle Mold Inspection is a service centered towards analysis of mold conditions in a home or property.

Safety to home owners is the primary purpose of Seattle Mold Inspection. With safety in consideration, other risks and costs are considerably cut down.  The service is very beneficial to all home users; whether buyers, sellers or present occupants.Some people develop severe allergic reactions to mold. It is therefore essential to conduct this inspection to ensure health safety of home occupants. Aside from its health hazards, molds like termites and rodents are threats that can damage a home structure.

The inspection process involves taking samples of surfaces and air (air quality testing)that are suspected to have mold. A team of inspectors in the field carry out this assessment. They test the samples to find out if patterns exist and consequently determine the kind of mold present.

Seattle Mold Inspection ensures effective fight against this silent threat through comprehensive mold inspection. It is the first and most critical part of mold inspection. Our team of home inspector examines a thorough sampling of all suspected areas. Tests are carried out, and well-explained results are present in a detailed report.

“Second time I have used this company!! They are efficient, do a great job communicating any issues that arise during the home inspection. The best part is the inspection report is completed and emailed to you shortly after the home inspection is done! Highly recommend this company!!” – Review of Mountains to Sound Home Inspection By Peter Kupu

To home owners, the service helps them understand if there’s a presence of mold. For instance, ceilings and walls are mainly infected by mold when exposing to moisture over an extended period. A structural problem like leaky loof gives a conducive environment for fungal growth. The inspection examines all fundamental challenges and issues a comprehensive report. The report explains the areas that need repairs and proper maintenance.

For this service to be more efficient, it should perform as early as possible.  Detection of sectors with leaking water and moisture will make the prevention a lot easier. We highly recommend all our customers to contact us immediately when this condition is suspected. We conduct the inspection and give the results within time. 

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