Do Not Pay For The Builder’s Mistakes:

The Importance of A Seattle New Home Warranty Inspection

(1 Year Warranty Inspection)

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Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions anyone could ever make, you’re not only shedding quite an enormous amount of buying the property, but you’re also choosing a place that your family will be living in the next few years. These are the main reasons why home buyers are getting the service of a Seattle home inspection company. They’re not only protecting their hard-earned money; they’re more concerned about the safety of their family who will be living in the house.

Buyers of newly built or newly acquired homes are interested in the warranties that the seller or builder is offering. Home warranties are the indicator that these properties built according to standard.

If you have purchased a newly constructed home within the last 12 months, chances are your builder offers a 1-Year Builder’s Warranty. If that’s the case, getting a Seattle New Home Warranty Inspections could be the smartest thing you do.

Is The Builder Warranty On Your New Home About To Expire?

Why Should My Brand New Home, Get Inspected, You Ask?

Great question! Here is an example of a client of ours in Auburn who had a 1-year warranty and were so glad they did:

“The home was beautiful and in great condition, but in the crawlspace, we discovered a small leak in a plumbing waste pipe coming down from the second flood inside an exterior wall. We found mold and wood rot, damaged insulation and even deteriorated siding, all from this little leak that had been active in the 10 months we had lived in the house. We had no idea!”

The small fee this customer paid for a home inspection save them thousands of dollars because they were smart enough to make that investment. Had this client foregone the inspection, they may not have ever discovered the leak, and when it came time to sell, their buyer’s home inspector would have seen the issue and our client would have had to foot the bill for the costly repairs!

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We recommend having the home inspected between 9 and 11 months after closing on the home, giving you plenty of time to negotiate what repairs to have the builder perform.

So give us a call today or schedule online for your Seattle New Home Warranty Inspections and get the “Peace Of Mind” you deserve!


Mountains To Sound Home Inspection is not limited to basic home inspection service, if you’re a seller, you might consider a pre-listing home inspection before putting your property on the market. With our – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can feel safe that you’re getting the very best service! Call (253) 799-1320 right now to book your home inspection.

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“The inspector came early to inspect the outside. When I arrived (on time) he had saved me a lot of time by already doing all of the exterior inspections. So he took me to the trouble spots he’d found and we discussed them. He was very knowledgeable, very nice, very professional, and provided us a list of items to consider with the seller. We are very happy with Mountains to Sound!” – Review of Mountains to Sound Home Inspection By David Chamberlain


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