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Seattle Rodent Inspection is conducted to ensure full control and prevention of rodent infestation.

Rodents can tremendously destroy personal property and create various problems with the structures of the home. It can also cause serious diseases to humans such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Due to these two critical factors, we regularly advise our clients to initiate a rodent inspection at least once in a month. The process aimed to combat all entry areas of the rodents. Such a recommendations after a thorough examination of vulnerable areas.


Benefits of Seattle Rodent Inspection 

1. Save a lot of money that can be used to prevent the damage of the rodent. Addressing the problem in advance saves costly repair expenses. Our team of inspectors makes initial recommendations which are implemented and hence necessary control procedures executed after the inspection.

2. Rodent Inspection in a home prevents possible diseases to humans and pets. Homeowners are at liberty to live a healthy life, free of pest infestation.

3.  The service also helps in protection of property from further damage.  Structures and materials destroyed by the rodents are considerably repaired or reconstructed.


The process starts by first inspecting the areas which rodents are suspected to be dwelling or coming through to the property. Our field inspectors try to look for signs such as burrows, gnawing damage, grease marks, runways, rodent sounds, urine stains, and rodent odors, among others. These are evidence of rodent infestation. After doing this, presenting a detailed report is part of the inspection process. Assessing the damage and possible repairs or replacements will be considered.


If any of the signs mentioned above found, then rodent control measures are necessary to be implemented.  A detailed report with the preventive measures provided to the client after the inspection process. Rodenticides and traps are the principal means used. Lethal traps, glue boards, and live traps are the example of these.  A snap trap is can consequently kill the rodent. The inspectors recommend that such traps to be set at all areas where rodent activity is frequent.


Seattle Rodent Inspection is a significant activity to undertake, you’re not only preventing your property for possible damage, but you’re also protecting the inhabitant from potential health hazards.


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