The Things You Need to Know About Home Inspection Checklist

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From your friends at Mountains to Sound Home Inspection!

By law, a home inspection is not a requirement. However, a lot of homeowners today admit that this initiative is a necessity to ensure the excellent quality of the property they are buying. The primary objective of going through such an inspection is to thoroughly assess the home from both the safety and structural standpoints. More so, it helps you ensure you are purchasing a hazard-free property. One way to guarantee that every corner of the property goes through a thorough evaluation is to hire a trusted home inspection company like the Mountains to Sound Home Inspection. This firm can prepare a comprehensive a home inspection checklist for you.

home inspection checklist

Items to include in the checklist

If you are planning to buy a new house, a home inspection should always be on top of your considerations. Here are some of the items you need to include in your home inspection list:

  1. Attic – This is an essential item to check to evaluate in your new home inspection checklist because your inspector meticulously checks for water leaks and tests the insulation. He/she also identifies if there is adequate ventilation in the area and if it is properly installed.
  2. Grounds – This includes the leaky septic systems, standing water and the grade that’s draining the water from the house. The inspector also checks the walkways, trees, landscaping, and yard, if they are all in excellent condition.
  3. Interior – This includes each room inside the home for sale. The inspector checks the ceilings, walls, and floors explicitly if there are stains and are all in good condition.
  4. Exterior – Mountain to Sound Home Inspection’s certified inspector checks if there is adequate clearance between the siding and ground, and whether there is good repair in the siding.
  5. Kitchen – This includes the exhaust fan if properly working, the water flowing in the sink and GFCI outlets. Here, he or she looks for leaks, tests the dishwasher, as well as the built-in appliances, cabinets, drawers, and doors.
  6. Roof – The expert inspector checks for possible mold, leaks or decay, mold-like substances, possible molds, shingles or roofing components.
  7. Bathrooms – This includes the exhaust fan, pressure, drains, and water flow. The inspector checks the plumbing underneath the sink, rust and he checks too if the toilet is appropriately working including the shower and tub tiles and flooring.

These are only some of the essential items to include in your home inspection checklist. It is important to know that each part of the inspection is equally essential though some items cost more than the others. For instance, a home with cracked foundations might be an item you need to go through an inspection.

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