Rent vs. Own: Which Is Right For You?

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Courtesy of Mountains to Sound Home Inspection. Is renting your own place better than owning your own? It's a tough one to decide. Find out which one is right for you, renting or owning your own place. (BPT) - If you're thinking of buying your first home, you've probably wrestled with the decision to rent or own your home - and for good reason. Owning a home is a big commitment. With it comes a lot of responsibility and a long-term financial relationship. But which is right for you? Continue Reading ...

Creating A Dream Home With Cypress

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Brought to you by MS Home Inspection. Building your dream home requires patience, imagination, and creativity. Finding the right strategy you might just build yourself your inexpensive dream home. (BPT) - Transforming the unremarkable into the extraordinary need not be an impossible task. More and more homeowners are finding that lavish looks are both attainable and affordable. Their imaginative design professionals are making it happen, using cypress to create their clients' dream Continue Reading ...

6 Home Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

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Helpful Information from Mountains to Sound Home Inspection. If you have pets at home chances are your home smells a bit funky.  Along the right products, here are 6 home cleaning tips for pet owners that will help clean your home the easy way. (BPT) - Having a pet may seem like the beginning of a never-ending mess, but the key to living with furry friends is preparation. Whether combating odor, keeping surfaces free of dirt and fur or removing pesky stains, taking preventative measures Continue Reading ...

5 Tips For Speed Cleaning Your Home

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Brought to you by MS Home Inspection. With our fast paced lifestyle, cleaning our homes is one of the biggest stress giver. Learn tips to clean better by cleaning smarter not harder, quickly!. (BPT) - What is one of the biggest sources of stress? It's cleaning on a deadline, especially when guests are on their way. But with the right plan in place, even last-minute cleaning can be efficient and stress-free, says Debra Johnson, Merry Maids home cleaning expert. In an online survey Continue Reading ...

Tips to Prep your Home for Extreme Winter Weather

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Brought to you by Mountains to Sound Home Inspection. With belong freezing temperature coming nobody one wants a home with frozen pipes right? Here are some tips to prepare your home for extreme winter weather. As winter approaches, many cities in the U.S. have already started to experience the winter chill with temperatures below freezing and snow fall. But cold weather isn't exclusively a northern phenomenon as the majority of the country experiences extreme temperatures at some point Continue Reading ...

Tips to get in front of the pet hair in your home

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From their loyal ways to their silly antics, pets bring so much joy to homes. While you wouldn't trade any of the cuddles and welcome-home slobbers, one thing most pet owners don't find quite as lovable is all the pet hair! When you live with a furry friend, it's inevitable that there will be pet hair everywhere-hiding under tables, collecting in corners and clinging to clothes and furniture. Cleaning up after it all can be hard work-but the good news is that there are some ways to keep it Continue Reading ...

Fast Fixes for a Fresh, Cozy Home

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As temperatures drop, you and your family will be spending more time living indoors — working, playing, relaxing and staying warm. More time indoors means it's more important to keep your home fresh by staying ahead of the continual buildup of dirt, dust and allergens. Plus, taking a few simple steps to prepare your home for winter weather will ensure your home is comfortable and efficient, too. Tackle these key areas now so your home will feel fresh and cozy throughout the winter. Wash Continue Reading ...

New Year’s Resolution To Keep: A More Eco-Friendly Home

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  Helpful Information From Mountains To Sound Home Inspection Nearly 42 percent of all New Year’s resolutions are broken by February, according to Statisticbrain. It’s easy to understand why — resolutions are difficult to keep all year long. Instead of risking disappointment in 2018, why not make a resolution that takes short-term effort but yields long-term benefits? This year, resolve to make your home more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. “The upgrades Continue Reading ...

How To Design A Quiet Home Office

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  An Article Courtesy  Of  Mountains To Sound Home Inspection In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s no surprise that more employees are opting to work from home. While there may be a shift of physical locations — from the office building to the home — productivity is still paramount, making the need for quiet home workspaces are more important than ever. “As urbanization continues, builders and developers are focused on optimizing available land, which results in Continue Reading ...

The 5-Point Outdoor Winterization Checklist

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  Brought to you by Mountains to Sound Home Inspection As temperatures drop, you're reminded that Old Man Winter will soon rear his ugly head. Before the first flurries fly, it's important to take some winterization steps to ensure your home is ready for whatever the season brings. This five-point checklist will help safeguard your home against winter's woes for another year. For additional winterization ideas and detailed project plans, visit Real Inspect Continue Reading ...