3 Things Today’s Housing Market Means to You

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As a home inspector in the Seattle area, I have a unique perspective on what the real estate market looks like in a given month. Usually an offer has already been made and accepted, and I am called out to verify the condition of the home. But Seattle proper has spun into a frenzy this spring and almost every inspection I’ve been doing in Seattle has been what is called a pre-inspection; where I am called in before an offer is made so that the buyer can waive their inspection clause and Continue Reading ...

The Sacrifice of One American Soldier

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This post is a little off topic from what I normally write about. You may not know that I proudly give a discount on all home inspections to active duty soldiers, veterans and retired military personnel. My wife is an Iraq War Veteran and at Mountains to Sound Home Inspection, we love America and our soldiers. Recently, I did an inspection for a retired US Army Sergeant who had served on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He was severely injured in an IED blast that killed Continue Reading ...

Get a Free ADT Security System with our 5-Star Home Inspection Package

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Mountains to Sound Home Inspection is proud to annouce that home buyers will get a free ADT® home security system (parts and installation) included in our 5-Star home inspection package when they sign up for ADT's monthly monitoring service. With our 5-Star Home Inspection package you also get: Complete Home Inspection Written report with same day delivery Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Free termite and wood destroying organism inspection Free Mold inspection Free Continue Reading ...

Run Away! 5 Things to Know about that Old Abandoned Oil Tank

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Back in the day, we didn't have the convenience of magical gas lines that appeared out of nowhere, next to our house to fuel our homes. As a Seattle area Home Inspector, I often find myself inspecting old homes that didn't have the convenience of gas lines when they were built. In many of these homes I find old, abandoned oil tanks. What to do with them is a question that could make or break your deal.  If you are looking at a home with an oil tank, you’ll want to follow these steps: Continue Reading ...

Fiberboard Siding – 3 Things You Should Look Out for When Buying a Home

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In the past few weeks, I have been hired a few times by sellers to inspect only the siding on their home. This might sound odd, unless you are familiar with the fiberboard siding that was used commonly in the 90’ (aka harboard/Louisiana Pacific, etc.) The buyer, in each case, had requested the seller replace all of the siding on the home – which is a great expense. The product is no longer used because it doesn’t perform well in moisture, which means in the Seattle area it is particularly Continue Reading ...

3 Ways to Keep “Frozen” a Movie & Not Your Plumbing

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With winter only weeks away, it's important to get your home prepared for those freezing temperatures. Since all water expands when it freezes, this will include the water in your pipes. If not protected from the cold, your pipes become victims to a burst or crack, which can lead to a mountain of other problems. What we’ll discuss today is what we can do to winterize your pipes to protect them from outside temperatures. Here are three big tips to help you winterize your home this Continue Reading ...

Crawlspace: The Narnia of Your House & 3 Things to Look for

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Maybe it’s a stretch to compare your crawlspace to a closet that opens up into a land where the King is a talking Lion, but there is no shortage of creativity around here. Either way, most people look at the access to their crawlspace as the entrance to a black hole with an unknown world just beyond the darkness. As a home inspector in the Seattle area who sees crawlspaces on a daily basis, I have learned to expect the unexpected when entering any crawlspace. In actuality, the crawlspace Continue Reading ...

5 Signs That Your Wood Deck Needs Some Love & Attention

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One part of a home inspection that homebuyers often overlook, and is a potentially big-ticket item, are the wood porches and decks of their prospective new home. If not built or maintained properly, they can even be dangerous. While decks provide a relaxing outdoor retreat, they are not exempt from the famous Seattle weather we experience here. Untreated and neglected wood that is exposed to the elements can deteriorate very quickly. Here are 5 signs that indicate your deck needs to be Continue Reading ...

3 Riveting Facts You Need To Know About the Moss on Your Roof

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With the coming change in seasons from Summer to Fall here in the Seattle area, we know what that means for the weather: rain. Rain equals moisture, and moisture on your roof can result in moss. As harmless as it looks, moss can be very damaging not only to your roof, but also the rest of your home. Here are 3 things you should know about moss. Moss can grow on almost any surface. It needs 3 things to grow; shade, moisture and a temperature between 32 and 70 degrees. Believe it or not, moss Continue Reading ...

6 Cheap & Easy Things You Can Do Before You List Your Home

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Recently, a buddy of mine who is selling his home called me and said that the buyers were having their home inspected in just a few hours. He asked what he could do before the inspector showed up. I told him even in the short time, there were a few things he could do in a few hours. Nothing makes a buyer feel more confident in their offer than a clean inspection report. Here is a complete list of items that can easily be done by just about anyone. 1. Caulking. Caulk is semi-solid magic. Continue Reading ...