Christmas gifts

Home Improvement Items You Can Give This Christmas

Helpful Information From Mountains to Sound! For most, the Christmas season is a time for gift-giving. We often see wish lists from children which typically include toys, dolls, coloring items, shoes, clothes, and other whatnots. But even adults could use some wish list too with home improvement items wrapped in festive papers! Below are some…

buyers need

10 Reasons Why Buyers Need a Buyer’s Agent

Helpful information by Mountains To Sound! A buyer’s agent is essential to help you navigate the fast-paced market of the real estate world. Imagine having someone who helps streamline the process all while the property owner pays for the commission. Such a win-win, right?  Below are the top 10 reasons why hiring a buyer’s agent…

Carbon Monoxide Risk

What Are The Risk of Carbon Monoxide This Winter Season

Brought To You By Mountains To Sound Home Inspection! As the temperature gets colder, people start using space heaters to get the extra warmth against the cold season. What they know nothing about is the presence of a potential “silent killer” – carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a potential health hazard that you need to…


3 Inexpensive Home Maintenance Projects That Could Save You Thousands

Brought to you by Mountains To Sound! Routine home maintenance: three words that likely evoke eye rolls, exasperated sighs and dread for most homeowners who read, hear or even think about them. However, they’re also a homeowner’s best line of defense when it comes to protecting their most important investment — their home. “Many homeowners…


Major Dilemmas of First-Time Home Buyers

Helpful Information by Mountains To Sound! If you still remember your first home buying experience, you probably know all too well how strikingly emotional that event in your life was.  We know it wasn’t an overnight journey but it wasn’t really a relaxing time either. Here at Mountains To Sound Home Inspection, we listed down…